Skincare Active Ingredients

Betaine in Skincare

Betaine is a natural ingredient that is derived from the sugar beet.

Benefits of using Betaine:

  • Anti-aging: betaine can help with fine lines and wrinkles by tightening the skin and reducing the loss of water.
  • It is used as a skin-lightening agent: there are studies showing that betaine is a potential skin-lightening agent. It has been able to reduce the melanin content in the skin, but furthur research is needed.
  • Anti-inflammatory: there are studies showing that betaine has some anti-inflammatory effects and is shown to have beneficial effects in human diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease, but not more research is needed to prove this.
  • It helps in increasing hydration: betaine function’s as a osmolyte (a compound that affects osmosis). This function allows betaine to attract water to maintain a healthy water balance. It also increases cell hydration
  • It reduceS TEWL: betaine can help in reducing water loss from the skin.

Other great benefits of Betaine:

  • It reduces oxidative stress.
  • Betaine prevents early alcohol-induced liver damage.
  • It protects the development of alcohol-induced hepatic steatosis.
  • Betaine protects against HCV (virus) and ethanol on Innate Immunity.
  • It protects against liver failure and toxin-induced liver damage.

Betaine in haircare:

Betaine is naturally present in our hair in small concentrations. Betaine in hair can be seen as a protectant from high heat like straightening or heat styling. There is a study showing that betaine can be deposited into the hair through shampoo.

Betaine may help to improve hair strength, and less prone to fracture.

Who all can use Betaine?

Betaine should be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and skin of colour.

How to buy Betaine and use it in my skincare routine?

Betaine is available in rinse-off applications like hair shampoos, hair rinses, shower shampoos, baby shampoos, facial cleansing lotions, soap bars, syndet soaps. These formulations can reduce skin irritation to the scalp and give a conditioning feel.

It is also available in Skin Care applications: body and facial care creams and lotions, aftershave lotions, sun care/ after-sun lotions, deodorants, cream gels. These creams can reduce TEWL and make the skin soft.