Can Secukinumab treat Papulopustular rosacea?

Secukinumab can help in the treatment of moderate to severe Papulopustular rosacea by binding IL-17A and neutralizing its pro-inflammatory effect.

This can be explained by looking at a study:

In an open-label, single-arm trial, 23 participants were dosed with 300 mg secukinumab during a 5-week period. A maintenance period of 2-months was followed with final endpoints at 16 weeks.

Study results showed participants with 20 papules had a larger papule count reduction when compared to participants who presented with fewer papules at week 0. Further, participants with severe rosacea saw a 43% papule reduction vs. a 10% papule reduction in participants presenting with lower severity.

Conclusion: Secukinumab for rosacea showed significant improvements in the symptoms of papulopustular rosacea after treatment with secukinumab for 16 weeks.