Hair Care

Do Moisturizing products really moisturize your hair?

Many hair products advertise with claims such as restore the moisture levels and hydration for your hair. Products can’t really affect this. Moisturized hair (hair containing high levels of water) doesn’t say that it’s healthy, it’s actually the opposite.

How is the level of moisture (water) in your hair regulated?

The amount of water level in your hair is highly determined by the relative humidity of the environment. The hair absorbs a lot of water if the relative humidity in the environment is high and the hair absorbs only a little water if the relative humidity in the area is less.

So the water content in the hair changes in accordance with the relative humidity.

Misconception between Dry hair and Damaged hair:

There are studies showing low levels of moisture in the hair that were described as hair feeling more moisturized. So high levels of water in the hair are perceived as dry.

Damaged hair contains more water and more water leads to swelling of hair and this causes the hair cuticles to rise. All of this will lead to a rough feeling.

High levels of water in your hair decrease the flexibility and strength of hair, making the hair stiff and prone to breakage. That’s why many hair products contain silicones and oils. These silicones and oils can provide a barrier around the hair cuticle to prevent the uptake of water and protect the hair from breakage.