Is Sarilumab effective for COVID-19-associated Cytokine Release Syndrome?

Let’s look at a study and see how sarilumab can be effective in treating modulate mild to severe COVID-19-associated CRS.

This study consists of 5 SARS-CoV-2 elderly patients (3 men and 2 women) with good quality of life. Previous to the outbreak, when first admitted to the hospital, they received hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. They were considered candidates for sarilumab when they presented increased oxygen needs radiological progression, and worsening of biological parameters.

Four of them were on noninvasive ventilation and 1 was on invasive mechanical ventilation. The decrease in lymphocyte count significantly improved after a single dose of sarilumab 200 mg. Two patients died 1 with (previous chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and obesity), and the other with a high chronic kidney disease grade. In the follow-up, 3 patients fully recovered and were sent home with improvement in chest X-Ray.

Those 5 patients were in a life-threatening critical condition not and could not get treatment with tocilizumab therapy because of a lack of stock. Therefore, sarilumab treatment was started. 3 out of 5 patients fully recovered and were later discharged home.

Conclusion: the doctors suggested sarilumab as an alternative to tocilizumab or other therapies targeted to modulate mild to severe COVID-19-associated CRS.