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Radix Pseudostellariae for Body and Health

Radix Pseudostellariae, known commonly as Hai Er Shen, Tai Zi Shen, and false starwort, is an adaptogen in the family Caryophyllaceae that is used in Chinese medicine and herbalism to tonify the qi and generate yin fluids.

What are the benefits of using Radix Pseudostellariae?

  • It is commonly used for spleen deficiency, body fatigue, loss of appetite, weakness after illness, deficiency of Qi and Yin, night sweats, summer fever in children, thirst, and lung dryness.
  • This herb is a restorative for lung damage due to excess heat or dryness including hot or dry asthma, pleurisy, bacterial pneumonia, wheezing, bronchitis, dry cough, and emphysema.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, anti-infectious, hypolipidemic, and immunomodulating activities.
  • It generates body fluids and treats chronic febrile disorders.
  • It may improve exercise endurance.

Important Note:

There is not much scientific evidence saying that Radix Pseudostellariae can help with the above-mentioned benefits and medical conditions. Always consult a doctor before using herbs or any plant extracts.