Hair Care

Should you go to bed with wet hair?

Weak hair is weaker than dry hair and is more likely to break. Every type of hair is weaker when it’s wet (from straight hair to curly hair to African hair).

How is wet hair weaker to dry hair?

So, water makes the hair wet. When the hair is wet, the inner cuticles (hair surface) swell up, but the outer cuticles do not swell up. This leads to cuticle lifting (damage to the cuticle and this leads to a coarse and rigid feeling of the hair). This cuticle lifting can become more induced when the hair is stretched or moved ( this is what happens with your hair while you’re sleeping). Moving your head against the pillow causes constant moving and stretching of the hair fibers, which can lead to breakage of the hair.

How can wet hair affect your scalp?

Wet hair can cause a problem for your scalp health, this has mainly to do with fungus. Our scalps are to home to a large variety of microbes, but some microbes like Malassezia globosa can be more harmful. Malassezia globosa is natural but causes dryness, irritation, itchiness, and dandruff.

If you can’t dry (at a low temperature and you use a heat protectant) your hair before going to bed, then at least apply a conditioning agent which reduces the friction between the hair fibers. Tie your hair(don’t let it down).