What is Otophyma rosacea?

Otophyma rosacea is a rare subtype of rosacea that results in disfigurement of the outer ears. This subtype of rosacea is seen more in men than women. In very rare cases otophyma may cause conductive hearing loss because of the obstruction of the external auditory canal. Otophyma rosacea can be seen as edematous swelling with or without erythema and peau d’orange appearance is characteristic while papules and pustules are absent.

What is the treatment for Otophyma rosacea?

  1. Debulking surgery is an option with excision of the lymphedematous skin, and
  2. Defect closure by free skin transplant. Defect closure can be done with split-skin or full-skin transplants.
  3. Decortication is another surgical option using lasers, radiosurgery, or dermabrasion.

Note: when dealing with otophyma rosacea, make sure to consult a professional doctor or plastic surgeon as they will be able to provide the best solution.