Hair Care

What is Reversed Hair Washing?

Reversed hair washing is the process of washing your hair in reverse. So you first apply your conditioner and then apply shampoo and rinse it off. Sometimes the reserved washing can also be done by rinsing the conditioner out and then applying the shampoo.

Why do some people reverse shampoo?

Some people experience weighted down, greasy feeling strands after conditioning their hair. Shampoo is mainly used to remove oil and built-up from your scalp and the hair near the scalp. The lengths of the hair do need such cleansing. Hot water and conditioning agents can damage your hair and a conditioning agent in the lengths of your hair can form a protective barrier.

But it’s better to use an oil as a pre-shampoo treatment and it’s not good to use shampoo as the last product in your hair routine.

Why shouldn’t you Reverse hair wash?

It’s because high cleansing shampoos can hair negatively charged and negatively charged hair can lead to friction between the hair fibers. Brushing, grooming, and styling of these hair fibers can lead to dry and breakage of hair.

Using a conditioner after shampoo can reduce these negatively charged hair fibers and make them positively charged. This leads to less breakage and easier combing of the hair.

To protect your hair lengths against shampoo, i would suggest using an oil instead of a conditioner. If your feeling weighted down hair after conditioning, either look for another conditioner or apply a conditioning agent spray after shampooing your hair.

Note: Make sure you apply an sort of conditioning agent after shampooing. This helps to reduce friction between the hair fibers and this help to reduce hair breakage.