Hair Care

Why do many expensive hair oils contain silicones?

Many expensive hair oils contain silicones because they can give you better results and are much cheaper. Silicones can easily make your hair smooth, soft, and shiny. Compared to natural oils, silicones have a very light texture and can spread easily.

Natural oils are not as light as silicones.

Hair oils can be suitable for you if you have extremely dry and frizzy hair. There are products that can contain silicones from different suppliers and there can be a big difference in the quality of silicones between these suppliers.

You can try to use a cheap hair oil and see if it works for you.

Some commonly used silicones are cylcomethicone, dimethicone, demethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane, and amodimethicone. You can recognize silicones by ingredients that end with -cone, -conol, -silane, or -siloxane.