Hair Care

Why should you apply oil before washing your hair?

Shampoos are mainly designed to remove dirt and oil from the scalp and also the hair which grows near your scalp. The rest of your hair doesn’t need such cleansing because it doesn’t get as oily or dirty, but too much cleansing of your hair can strip away moisture and can lead to dryness and split ends.

The cuticle is the outermost layer of your hair made up of overlapping cells that lay flat over one another (like fish scales, but facing downwards). The cuticle protects the inside of the hair from damage. When the cuticle layers are lying down flat, that means the hair has a smoother texture.

When you wet your hair (especially with hot water) the cuticle of your hair can raise, giving hair a more rough texture and this is what oils can prevent. The oil can create a protective barrier around the hair and prevent it from raising up. They can also repel water and prevent your hair from absorbing too much water and keep the cuticles smoothly ordered.

Another advantage of this oil is that it can prevent harsher cleansing agents like SLS from damaging your cuticle cells.

What oils can you use?

You can use any type of hair oil you want. Coconut oil is good as it can penetrate easily into the hair shaft due to its chemical properties.

If you feel that your hair gets dry from using shampoo, you can apply an amount of oil through the lengths and the ends of your hair before washing.