Butt Acne – Complete Guide

What causes Butt Acne?

  • Genetics: plays a major role in getting butt acne.
  • Wearing tight clothes: can cause friction between the skin and result in butt acne.
  • Diet: certain foods can cause acne, so try to make changes in your diet to if there is any difference.
  • Stress: is another factor that can cause butt acne.
  • Sweat: can also aggravate butt acne so make sure to shower regularly, especially after a workout.
  • Hormonal fluctuations: can aggravate butt acne.

How to treat Butt Acne?

  • Salicylic Acid: Using a salicylic acid body wash in the shower can help clear butt acne. You can use it every day and once it clears up, you can use it a few times a week as maintenance.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide: This is another active ingredient you can use to treat butt acne. Since benzoyl peroxide is very drying and irritating, we suggest using a creamy body wash.
  • Tight Cloths: Avoid wearing tight clothes and switch to loose and breathable clothing. If you like wearing leggings or yoga pants to the gym, as soon as your workout is done, get out of it as sitting in tight, sweaty clothes can cause butt acne.
  • Rinse off Sweat: after a workout, get out of the sweaty clothes and shower immediately. If you can’t get to a shower, you can use a hypochlorous spray to kill off the bacteria that feed on sweat.
  • Blue Light LED: buying an at-home blue light LED light is another option. It reduces the burden of the bacteria on the skin and calms down inflammation.
  • Diet: avoid sugary and dairy-processed foods.

How to treat acne scars from Butt Acne?

  • Exfoliators: You can use AHAs like glycolic acid, lactic acid, and mandelic acid to treat acne scars caused by butt acne.
  • Retinol: You can also try using OTC retinol products for acne scars.
  • In-office procedures: like lasers and chemical peels can help.