Difference between AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, PP, and ZZ creams

AA stands for “Anti-aging”. It is used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

It may contain:

  • Retinoids
  • Vitamin C
  • Antioxidants
  • Peptides
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Epidermal growth factor. that can help to stimulate collagen production.

Benefits of using AA creams:

It can help with fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots and it can also act as a moisturizer.

Cons of using AA creams:

AA creams won’t work for everyone, they will only work for a few individuals. Many of these creams also have false claims and misleading statements.

What is a BB cream?

BB stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”.

BB creams may contain:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-acne
  • Anti-aging, antioxidants, and
  • sun protection ingredients.

Benefits of using BB creams:

  • Is a hydrating balm.
  • It provides light to medium coverage.
  • They can be used by people who don’t need full coverage or a heavy feel.
  • Very light.
  • Looks natural.

Cons of using BB creams:

  • The shade range of BB creams is limited.
  • They only provide light coverage.
  • They are suitable for skin (younger skin) that has little to no blemishes.

What is a CC cream?

CC stands for “Complexion Corrective” or “Colour Corrective” creams. It helps even out skin tone.

CC creams may contain:

  • Brightening ingredients
  • Anti-redness, and
  • sun protection ingredients ((like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).

Benefits of using CC creams:

  • The shade range of CC creams has more options.
  • It provides medium to full coverage.
  • It is suitable for oily, acne-prone skin, blemishes or pigment spots, aged skin, acne marks, or scars.

Cons of using CC creams:

  • It is less hydrating, and not suitable for dry skin
  • Thicker
  • Looks more like makeup, because it is more pigmented, but it is not a foundation.

What is a DD cream?

DD stands for “Dynamic Do-All,” “Daily Defense,” or “Double Duty” cream. It has the properties of both BB cream and CC cream.

It contains additional SPF and anti-aging properties.

It may contain:

Like BB and CC creams, DD creams contain:

  • Sun protection
  • Anti-aging, and
  • Moisturizing ingredients.

Benefits of using DD creams:

DD creams are suitable for all skin types and if you are looking for a quick base makeup and properties of BB and CC creams, then DD creams should be enough.

Cons of using DD creams:

DD creams are the same as BB and CC creams, so it is not compulsory to add them to your skincare routine.

What is a EE cream?

EE stands for “Extra Exfoliation”. It helps to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and also provides moisture to the skin. EE creams are totally different from BB, CC, and DD creams as they do not provide any coverage and do only exfoliation.

It may contain:

  • AHA’s and BHA’s, and
  • moisturizing ingredients.

Benefits of using EE creams:

You can use EE creams if you have light pigmentation problems or light burns that were caused by UV rays. It is effective and also moisturizes the skin.

What is a FF cream?

FF stands for “Facial Finishing”. FF cream provides a light foundation and gives a finishing look to the face. It will help to cover those fine lines and wrinkles that are still visible.

It is also suitable for all skin types.

It may contain:

  • Sun protection
  • Anti-aging, and
  • Moisturizing ingredients.

What is a GG cream?

GG cream stands for Genius Glow (by L’Oreal).

There are actually two types of GG creams on the market:

  • Loreal Glam Bronze GG cream: it is a lightweight foundation that helps to even skin tone. It also provides skin moisture for up to 24H and protects the skin against UV rays with SPF 25. It contains bronzing micro-pigmentation, which adjusts to the skin tone. It also provides a shimmering effect and is perfect for the bronze season.
  • It is suitable for all skin types, but tanned skin is best.
  • GiGi products: these products are used before, during, and after waxing. It helps to conceal the marks after waxing and aids in healing and smooth skin.

What is a PP cream?

PP stands for “Post Procedure”. It is used in post-procedure and post-laser treatments. It helps in soothing, redness reduction, cooling, and is anti-inflammatory.

It promotes collagen synthesis and moisturizes the skin.

It is also suitable for all skin types.

What is a ZZ cream?

ZZ stands for “Zit Zapper”. ZZ cream was launched by the Happy Skin brand in 2014. The company claimed that the ZZ cream smoothes skin surface, and minimizes pores and fine lines. It is lightweight and non-greasy. It also provides oil control and decreases skin oily shine. ZZ cream contains salicylic acid which fights the appearance of zits.

Frequently asked questions:

Is DD cream good for oily skin?

DD cream is suitable for all skin types including oily skin.

Can we use DD cream daily?

Yes, DD cream can be used every day if you don’t have the time to apply a BB or CC cream because a DD cream has the properties of both CC and BB cream.

Is DD cream a foundation?

DD cream is not a foundation, it is just an extra part of makeup and is not really compulsory to use. It is better to opt for a BB or CC cream.

Which is better BB or DD Cream?

It’s better to go for BB cream as there are many brands and products out there. DD creams are just like BB creams, but with additional SPF and moisturizing ingredients.