Hair Care

Do you need to worry about the porosity of your hair?

The short answer is NO.

Porosity is about damage. The porous your hair is, the more damaged it is. Factors like mechanical damage, UV radiation, and chemical treatments can damage your hair cuticle.

It is extremely hard to accurately determine your true hair porosity because:

  1. firstly, at-home methods are useless, and you would need expensive lab equipment.
  2. Not all of your hair has the same porosity. The newer hair will have lower porosity, while the ends are usually porous.
  3. High porosity means that your hair is damaged. High porous hair has cracked cuticles and the cuticles won’t lay flat, they will be raised.

To prevent cuticle damage, brush softly, always apply a conditioning agent before brushing, wear UV protection, and always use a heat protectant before using hot tools.