Hair Care

What should you always do after using dry shampoo?

The main ingredient in a dry shampoo is starch. Starches are produced by plants and it can be found in all types of plants and that is why thee are different starches like corn starch or rice starch.

Why is starch the main ingredient in dry shampoo?

Starches absorb sebum/oils very well. Approximately 1.0g of rice starch has a surface area of 1.6 square meters, resulting in enormous absorption capacity.

So, when starches come in contact with the sebum that is present in the hair, these starch particles start to absorb the sebum and swell. This is why dry shampoo makes your hair more voluminous because those starch particles push the hair apart to create more volume.

So, what to do after using a dry shampoo?

The sebum is absorbed into these starch particles, but they still need to be physically removed in order to get them out of the hair. Otherwise the oils are not removed and the hair won;t feel clearer. So, make sure to brush out the powder.

You shouldn’t brush your hair if it is curly. A better option would to use a dry shampoo foam.

What are the pro’s of using dry shampoo?

  • When using a dry shampoo, you avoid making your hair wet (a wet hair is very weak and can lead to breakage). Also, the cleansing surfactants can also damage the hair lengths (dry shampoos do not contain surfactant).

How to use dry shampoo like a pro?

  • After applying the dry shampoo, wait for 2 mins, so the starch can absorb the excess oil.
  • Do not use dry shampoos 2/3 times in a row (after 2/3 times, use a liquid shampoo).
  • When applying dry shampoo, focus on the hair near the roots because most of the excess sebum is accumulated near the roots of your hair.