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Folium Hibsci Mutabilis for Skin and Body

Folium Hibsci Mutabilis was one of the traditional Chinese medicines. Its main chemical ingredients contain phenols, amino acids, glycosides, and sugar, phlegmatic

What are the benefits of using Folium Hibsci Mutabilis?

  • It helps to treat dermatological disorders characterized by dampness, heat, and toxins.
  • It helps to treat carbuncles, furuncles, and sores.
  • It may help to treat herpes zoster and conjunctivitis.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with swelling.
  • It helps to treat burns, scalds, and external and internal trauma.
  • This herb may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  • It is applied topically to treat pyogenic infections.


Contraindicated for those with deep-seated abscess without redness or swelling.

Important Note:

There is not much scientific evidence that Folium Hibsci Mutabilis can help with the benefits mentioned above and medical conditions. Always consult a doctor before using herbs or any plant extracts.