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Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract for Skin and Body

Hibiscus esculentus fruit extract is an extract of the fruit of the hibiscus, hibiscus esculentus l., Malvaceae

What are the benefits of Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract?

  • Skin whitening effect and anti-aging: Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract has anti-tyrosinase activity and antioxidant properties that can give a whitening effect to the skin and scavenge free radicals, therefore, delaying skin aging.
  • Wound healing: there are studies showing that collagenisation and granulation tissue maturation were found higher in the 5% Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract-treated group and might be suggested as a potent wound healing agent based on its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory tests.
  • Hepatoprotective: there are studies showing the usefulness of Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract in the liver and gastrointestinal ailments.
  • Anti-diabetic activity: a study showed that regular feeding of Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract for about ten days showed a gradual decrease in blood glucose levels in rabbits.
  • Other pharmacological effects: include anti-adhesive, organ protective, antibacterial, anti-stress, anticancer, and immunomodulating effects.

Who can use Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract?

Hibiscus Esculentus fruit extract is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and skin of colour, but do make sure to conduct a test patch to see if you are allergic to this extract.