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Morus Bombycis root extract for Skin and Body

Morus bombycis root extract also called Japanese mulberry has been traditionally used to protect the body and control oxidative stress, diarrhea, sinusitis, throat soreness, hyperglycemia, urinary tract infections, diabetes, fever, asthma, inflammation, constipation, nausea, vaginal discharge or menstrual problems, intestinal worms, kidney disorders, cancer, cataracts, cyto and hepatoprotective, depression, and migraines.

What are the benefits of using Morus bombycis root extract for the skin and body?

  • Ability to perform multiple functions: A person with dry eyes who uses their eyes a lot during work can drink mulberry juice to nourish the body fluid and strengthen eyesight. Mulberry contains plentiful nutritious elements such as minerals and vitamins; it can cure chronic diseases of the digestive tract, strengthen the ability for digesting and assimilating, promote gastric juice secretion, improve the appetite and eliminate abdominal distention and constipation. Mulberry is very well suitable for hepatitis, chronic gastritis, and Alzheimer’s diseases Mulberry is also used to prevent heart disease and strokes and to reduce signs of aging for its role in anti-oxidation.
  • Atherosclerosis Effect: it was found that Morus bombycis root extract exhibited antioxidation and antherosclerogensis abilities in vitro and they observed that it could decrease macrophage death induced by oxidative LDL and also inhibit the formation of foam cells and anthocyanins components in mulberry extracts could prevent atherosclerosis.
  • Anti-cancer and anti-diabetic: Morus bombycis root extract possesses cytoprotective activity due to the presence of flavonoids against free radical-induced cell injury. It also has anti-diabetic properties.
  • Skin whitening effect: Morus bombycis root extract also displays a skin whitening effect on the skin by tyrosinase inhibition.
  • Hypolipidemic Activities: consumption of Morus bombycis root extract may act as a potent hypocholesterolemic nutrient and inhibition of LDL antherogenic modifications and lipid peroxidase formation in hypocholesterolemic rats.
  • Neurological disorders: it can help to treat Alzheimer‟s disease and Parkinson‟s disease.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: Morus bombycis root extract contain dietary fiber and can help to improve digestion by bulking up the stool, thereby speeding up the movement of food through the digestive tract, while also reducing occurrences of bloating, constipation, and cramping. Furthermore, it will help to regulate cholesterol levels and can improve heart health when regularly added to the diet.

Who can use Morus Bombycis root extract?

Morus Bombycis root extract is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and skin of colour, but do make sure to conduct a test patch to see if you are allergic to this extract.