Skincare Oils

Trichilia emetica oil for skin – a Natural Moisturizer from Africa

Trichilia emetica, commonly known as Mafura butter is a medium-sized, evergreen tree, growing up to a height of 25 m, with a wide crown, and has a dark grey or brown bark.

It grows in the forests and woodlands, rarely away from water. It is found in the tropical and southern African regions and in the Arabian Peninsula. This tree’s seeds are edible and an important oil source.

The seeds when pressed yield an oil that forms a solid butter at room temperature. The oil is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid (50%). Fatty acids include linoleic (10%), stearic (3%), palmitic (35%), and linolenic (1%) acids.

  • It has anti-inflammatory (it contains phenolic acids including ferulic, p-coumaric, caffeic, syringic, vanillic, protocatechuic. and gallic acids) and antimicrobial activities, due to the presence of limonoids, such as trichilin A.
  • It can be used before bathing or shampooing to protect the hair from damage.
  • Due to the presence of essential fatty acids, It can be used to moisturize and soothe the skin. It may help with anti-aging like fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • It absorbs quickly into the skin, so it won’t clog the pores.
  • It may heal wounds and burns.

Traditional uses of Trichilia emetica:

  • It is used against malaria, dermatitis, hemorrhoids, abdominal pain, jaundice, and chest pain.
  • The roots are used against cirrhosis, dysmenorrhea, parasites like onchocerca and Ascaris, and stomach aches.
  • The powder can be mixed with milk and used as a poison antidote, or mixed with honey to treat asthma.
  • The root bark promotes woman fecundity and is used against hepatitis, epilepsy, gastric ailments, and fever.
  • Leaves are used against malaria, hypertension, scabies, intestinal parasites, infections, and rheumatism.

But the traditional use of Trichilia emetica lacks clinical data and there is no proof as to whether it is true or not.

Who all can use Trichilia emetica oil?

Trichilia emetica oil should be suitable to use for all skin types including sensitive skin and skin of colour.

What is the comedogenic rating of Trichilia emetica oil?

Trichilia emetica oil has a comedogenic rating of 0-1 or 2 as it can quickly absorb into the skin.