Skincare Active Ingredients

Ucuuba butter for skin – A Natural butter from the Amazon forests

Ucuuba butter also known as Virola surinamensis is obtained from the seeds of the Virola sebifera tree. It contains high concentrations of myristic, lauric, and palmitic acids, as well as vitamins A and C. It also contains 70% of trimyristin, a triglyceride of myristic acid that is an aromatic essential oil largely used by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Benefits of using Ucuuba butter:

  • It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties: this is because it contains high concentrations of myristic and lauric acid.
  • It has healing properties: ucuuba butter has healing properties that may help with wounds or burns.
  • It can be used as a moisturizer: This butter may also aid in water retention in the skin, thereby moisturizing and restoring the elasticity in the skin.
  • It can be used as hair oil or butter before bathing or shampooing.

Other benefits:

The inhabitants of the Amazon used this butter for the treatment of arthritis, colic, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, and ulcers. The Amazonian fishers also used to mix ucuuba butter with buriti oil and spread it all over their bodies. This mix protects the skin from dehydration and also avoids sunburn.

Who all can use Ucuuba butter?

It should be suitable to use for very dry or sensitive skin as it has a comedogenic rating of 4 which is very high and can clog pores.