Hair Care

Why you shouldn’t over brush/comb your hair (especially when it is wet)?

The hair consists of a central cortex that comprises the major portion of the fibre. The cortex is responsible for the shape, strength, and elasticity of the hair. This cortex is protected by 8 to 10 layers of overlapping cells, called cuticles. The state of the cuticles affects the shine, feel, and elasticity of the hair.

While combing our hair, we apply a significant amount of force upon the hair fibers and is stretched in various degrees. The force we apply to the hair creates friction that results in the cuticles breaking and detaching from the strand. This increases the hair’s vulnerability.

Combing the hair can cause physical stress on the hair fibers, causing the cuticles to flake and strip away. Many studies show that the main effect of combing and brushing is the gradual wearing down of the cuticle scales. The cuticle scales are the outermost part of the hair.

Gradual wearing down of the cuticle scale can result in a rough feeling of the hair and also reduce the strength of the hair.

What to know before brushing your hair:

  • Minimize brushing: try to detangle your hair using your fingers or a conditioning product. If you have curly hair, it’s easier to detangle your hair than using a comb.
  • When you run into a small tangle in your hair, remember to be patient and deal with it slowly.
  • When you comb close to the hair ends, it will damage the hair more. Make sure you condition the hair ends very well.
  • Brush or comb: If the brush is soft, then combing is more damaging. If the brush is stiff, then brushing is more damaging.