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Cortex Moutan for Body and Health

Cortex Mouton, commonly known as Tree Peony Root Bark and Moutan Root Bark is a herbal medicine widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of blood-heat and blood-stasis syndrome.

What are the benefits of using Cortex Moutan?

  • It may help to treat blood stasis with abdominal masses, amenorrhea, lumps or bruises due to trauma, menstrual cramping, and liver blood stagnation.
  • It is used as an antispasmodic, analgesic, antiaggregatory, and antioxidative agent.
  • Cortex Moutan has been shown to treat various disorders like diabetes, brain ischemia-reperfusion injury, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, sepsis, HIV infection, and herpes simplex virus infection.
  • There are also some reports showing the anitumor activity of Cortex Moutan, including DLD-1 human colon cancer cells, renal carcinoma, and gastric cancer. 
  • It may help with hemoptysis, epistaxis, hematemesis or subcutaneous bleeding, and menorrhagia due to blood heat.
  • It may help to treat liver fire with eye pain, flank pain, headache, flushing, and dysmenorrhea.
  • It drains pus and reduces swelling:
    • Non-draining sores (topical) and Intestinal abscesses (internal)
  • Research shows that it’s good for bronchial and intestinal infections.


  • Contraindicated in those with cold blood disorders.
  • Contraindicated in those with excessive menstruation.
  • Contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Contraindicated in those with a weak stomach or cold from stomach deficiency.

Important Note:

There is not much scientific evidence saying that Cortex Moutan can help with the above-mentioned benefits and medical conditions. Always consult a doctor before using herbs or any plant extracts.