Hair Care

Does cold water close the hair cuticle?

Hair cuticles cannot open or close. They can only be lifted and lifted cuticles are damaged cuticles.

A lifted cuticle is a sign of damage and can only temporarily be flattened by a conditioning agent.

The cuticles lay flat and this gives a smooth feeling to the hair. If the cuticle is open, it is elevated from the hair surface. This can also reduce the protection of the cortex and the hair will feel rough and rigid.

lifted cuticles can not be avoided because many daily hair grooming habits can contribute to the hair cuticles being lifted.

Combing, hair brushing, shampooing, towel drying, styling, heat styling, UV light can contribute to the lifting of the cuticle scales.

Cuticle lifting can also occur when the hair is wet due to the swelling of hair. When the hair is wet, the outer layer remains rigid and is constrained from lifting up. This creates an extra force that causes the swollen cuticle to crack, leading to the cuticle falling off.

How to avoid lifted hair cuticles?

  • Use a heat protector
  • Apply a hair oil to the lengths of your hair before shampooing.

What to do if you have damaged or lifted cuticles?

Conditioners can flatten the cuticle scales temporarily, also look for silicones in conditioning products as they can help with lifted cuticles.